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Q: Can I use this from my tablet to my phone to my computer?

A: Yes, you will be able to do this with PopMeIn. 

Q: Can I Take My Friend’s Pictures Off Facebook And Pop Them In?

A: (you’d be able too, but the quality of this picture may not be the same quality, so we would advise against it)

Q: Is this available for iOS and Android?

A: Yes

Q: If this is a free download?

A: (The first 3 are free, thereafter you’ll be able to purchase different programs, which depending on the program purchased will included such items like the ability to have yourself standing next to an entertainers or a sports figure, the ability to be next to your favorite driver or standing in front of some place you’ve never been.

Q: Do backers get early access including exclusive features?

A: Yes, backers will have the ability for early access with some of the exclusive features available prior to launch. but we may require a non-disclosure in place.